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Waste & Tailings - Monitoring & Auditing Waste Management Operations

It is imperative that critical components on waste disposal facilities and Mine Residue Facilities (MRFs) are monitored on an on-going basis: to assess stability as well as to audit for legal compliance.

For example, MRF facilities are extremely large in size and have a complex filling sequence to ensure the stability of the structure as a whole.  Failures of these facilities are catastrophic and hence regular surveillance of freeboard and stability is extremely important.

Monitoring systems are required to monitor the performance of installed systems, waste pile stability, groundwater and storm water quality.

Ground water sampling, modelling and interpretation is done by our Environmental Sciences and Management specialists.

Specific services include:

  • Draft operating procedures and codes and practices
  • Ensure operating in compliance with design and philosophy
  • Audit of active facilities for compliance with operational procedures
  • On-going stability and environmental monitoring
  • Dam safety inspections of category 2 and 3 order dams
    › Any dam classified as a safety risk requires sign-off by an APP (Approved Professional Person in
    terms of Dam Safety Regulations).
    Jones & Wagener has engineers who are APPs
  • Identify additional measures and improvements