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Waste & Tailings - Waste Management Feasibility Study

Improperly designed, engineered or maintained waste disposal facilities pose a risk to human health and the environment.

This is a highly regulated area: there are a number of acts and licenses that are applicable (NEMA, NEMWA, MPRDA, NWA, IWULA, IWWMP, IWP).

Therefore, it is important to consider environmental impact and regulatory compliance upfront..  At Jones & Wagener our Environmental Sciences and Management pecialists deal with both the environmental studies and authorisations that are required.

Specific services include:

  • Conduct a comprehensive site investigation, bringing in relevant Jones & Wagener expertise:
    Geotechnical Engineering: Geosynthetic and mineral clay barriers, liner stability, advice on
    waste facility siting.
    Environmental Sciences and Management and Environmental Engineering: Water
    management, water usage assessments and waste classification.
  • Consider relevant and appropriate waste management technologies.
  • Explore alternative options to build a robust conceptual design.
  • Factor in environmental impact and regulatory requirements on both the design and the costs.
  • Consider cradle-to-grave lifecycle costs.
  • Identify the most appropriate and ‘workable’ solution.