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Waste & Tailings - Mine Residue Deposits & Tailings Management

South African legislation requires that mine residue deposits (MRDs, tailings storage facilities, tailings deposits, or slimes dams) be managed over their entire lifecycle by appropriately qualified persons, often Professional Engineers, so that they do not pose unreasonable risk to the public and the environment.

A key principle is the adoption of a lifecycle approach, considering aspects from planning and design through to construction, operation, closure and rehabilitation. The aim is to minimise and manage the often considerable risks that MRDs pose.

Jones & Wagener provides services relating to these aspects with a particular emphasis on monitoring MRDs in the operational phase. This includes interpreting critical parameters on an on-going basis, stability assessments, and audits of the tailings disposal management system for a particular mine.

Our expertise extends to the applicable legislation of South Africa, which includes the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, the National Water Act, the National Environmental Management Act, and the Constitution of South Africa.

The broad principles of tailings management apply across the world, and our knowledge and experience is readily transferable to operations outside of South Africa.