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Mining Infrastructure - Mine Waste Disposal Facility

The design of waste disposal facilities is a constantly evolving area of engineering.

Jones & Wagener’s Waste and Tailings is at the forefront and part of the continual research and development happening both nationally and internationally.

Waste classification is an important aspect of the authorisations and licensing requirements. Our Environmental Scientists undertake environmental authorisation processes and assist with the relevant licensing.

Specific services include:

  • Geometrical design and stability analysis
  • Assessment of materials
  • Design of pollution control dams
  • Dealing with various waste types – discard, powder, slurry, liquids, paste
  • Water balance and leachate management
  • Ensure isolation from natural environment including barrier system design
  • Mine waste disposal facilities include:
    › Discard dumps
    › Slurry disposal and reclamation facilities
    › Co-disposal facility
    › Tailings dams
  • Design of reclamation facilities
  • Audits and surveillance of waste disposal facilities