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Post closure risk assessments, closure financial provisioning and mine closure planning

Jones & Wagener specialises in optimised rehabilitation designs for opencast mines and discard facilities to find the best possible solution to:

  • Satisfy minimum material movement that meets the EMPr requirements, and at the same time
  • Ensure a sustainable, free-draining, natural post-rehabilitation topography.

We use our in-house developed optimisation software to undertake and optimise the rehabilitation designs.

Specific services include:

  • Optimisation of mass movement of material
    Critical from a cost perspective as the construction and capital costs are directly related to the
    volume of material to be moved to achieve the required topography.
  • Optimisation of rehabilitation design
    Our software tool takes into account parameters such as material cut and fill volumes and
    the maximum allowable slopes to maintain an optimised sloping model topography.
  • Predictive mine modelling
    Develop a realistic post-mining model through mining simulation, before the mining takes place.
    This is an essential tool for undertaking concurrent rehabilitation optimising material placement,
    hence minimising future double handling.
  • Long-term erosion modelling
    Proactively design preventative measures that reduce the likelihood of future erosion
    on rehabilitated topographies.
    Reduce post-rehabilitation maintenance costs and long-term liabilities.
  • Closure cost estimates
    Conduct assessments to estimate closure costs in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Strategic placement of materials to meet annual concurrent rehabilitation targets
    Avoid unnecessary double handling of material and significantly reduce rehabilitation
    construction costs.