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Environmental Engineering - Water Management & Water Management Planning

One of the most important aspects of water management is to minimise the extent of dirty catchment areas on which surface water can become contaminated.

We specialise in water management for mines and industry and have been involved in many projects for new mines, existing mines and defunct mines. Since the 1990s we have worked on over 100 mines.

There are various solutions for managing surface water on a mine or industrial site, and a thorough investigation is required before a comprehensive water management strategy and plan can be devised.

We pride ourselves on developing solutions that:

  • Provide an optimised design up-front in order to optimise water management over the life of the project and operation
  • Maximise the solutions that minimise environmental impacts of projects, such as river diversions, by creating designs that blend into the environment and are therefore environmentally acceptable.

Specific services include:

Integration and cooperation between Engineers and Environmental Scientists ensures optimal infrastructure design, and the relevant regulatory authorisations. Jones & Wagener’s Environmental¬†Science and Management prepares the EMPr, EIA and IWULA required for such projects.