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Engineering Hydrology - Water Balance Modelling

Water balance modelling for a site is required primarily to estimate the expected water surplus or deficit for the site as a key input to water management planning (in terms of sizing, planning and costing the water management systems, as well as determining their potential environmental impacts).

It is also required for storm water management planning, most notably for pollution control dam sizing. We have been involved in water balance modelling for over two decades and have become leaders in the field.

The Jones & Wagener water balance model has been developed in both the Excel spreadsheet environment, programmed in Visual Basic, as well as the GoldSim modelling environment. We are able to compile the water balance model for a site in either software environment. The selection of Excel or GoldSim is dependent on both the client’s requirements/preferences and the complexity of the site in terms of water management. A more complex site lends itself to a GoldSim model, whereas Excel is better suited to simpler sites.

Specific services include:

  • Strategic life of mine water balances
  • Operational water balances