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Storm-water management, water and salt balances and flood studies and risk assessments

Jones & Wagener assists its clients in planning and implementing water management systems that are cost-effective, environmentally sound and sustainable in the long term.

Our expert team of engineers and hydrologists provides solutions that are both practical and sustainable.  Our integrated approach ensures that the right specialists are involved during all stages of a project.  We offer a professional service and strive towards developing long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Industry leaders in water balance modelling as a tool for water management planning and for environmental authorisation

  • Water balance modelling as a tool for water management planning
  • Expert surface water studies and specialist reports
  • Surface water management planning for legal and best practice compliance
  • Surface water studies and specialist reports for environmental authorisations
  • Water balance modelling for mine and industrial sites
  • Flood risk assessment and flood management planning
  • Dam break assessment
  • We work closely with our in-house specialists in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences & ManagementGeotechnical EngineeringStructural Engineering and Waste & Tailings to offer integrative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.
  • Our Environmental Sciences experts undertake environmental authorisation processes and assist with the relevant licensing.

Industry sectors and key clients

We are active in primarily the mining and industrial sectors throughout Southern Africa, working both directly for owners and sub-consulting to other consultants.