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Geotechnical Engineering - Geotechnical Design

While the purpose of geotechnical investigations is to determine soil properties relevant to the specific infrastructure required, geotechnical design applies empirical and theoretical models using these parameters with consideration of the soil-structure interaction.

To achieve the optimum design there needs to be close cooperation between geotechnical engineers and structural/design engineers.  Jones & Wagener has the expertise under one roof.  In addition we have software, both commercial and developed in-house, for geotechnical design and the modelling of soil-structure interaction.

Specific services include:

  • Earthworks and Site Preparation
    › Temporary works
    › Terracing
    › Ground improvement
  • Foundation design
    › Spread footings, piles, piers and caissons
  • Shaft and tunnel design
    › Excavation and raisebore
    › Lining
  • Deep Excavations and Lateral Support
    › Assess excavatability and stability
    › Design groundwater and surface water control measures
    › Design temporary and/or permanent lateral support systems
    › Monitor excavation and implement ‘Observational Method’ principles