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Specialist assessments are carried out as supporting studies for the authorisations/approvals/licences undertaken by the environmental team, as well as for other consultants within the environmental management field.

Specific services include:

  • Soil Assessment
    Delineation of the soil forms and families (RSA classification)
    Mapping of the soil units
    Interpreting the effective depth of the soil
    Stripping plan (if required)
  • Land Capability Assessments
    Classification of the land capability using either the Chamber of Mines (2007) or the Department of
    Agriculture systems
    Pre-mining land capability surveys
    Recommendations towards post-mining land uses
  • Visual Assessment
    Generation of a 3D viewshed of the proposed study area
    Modelling of the potential visual impact of a proposed development using ArcGIS software
    Description and assessment of the static and dynamic observer points
  • Wetland Delineation
    Delineations done according to the DWA guideline (2005)
    Identification of the permanent, seasonal and temporary zones
    Classification according to the National Classification System for Wetlands of South Africa
    (SANBI, 2009)
    Mapping of the wetland units
  • Aquatic Assessments
    Assessing aquatic macroinvertebrates and their habitat using the South African Scoring System Version 5 (SASS5) and the Integrated Habitat Assessment System (IHAS)
    Eco-classification using the Macro Invertebrates Response Assessment Index (MIRAI), Fish Response Assessment Index (FRAI), and Riparian Vegetation Response Assessment Index (VEGRAI)
    Water quality monitoring and toxicological analyses, including Direct Estimation of Ecological Effect Potential (DEEEP) testing
  • Surface Water Assessments
  • Water and Salt Balances
  • Groundwater
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Waste Assessments
  • Financial Provision Reporting

Additional specialist studies such as: Archaeological and Paleontological Assessments, Air Quality, Noise Assessments, Socio-Economic Assessments and Traffic Assessments are outsourced to specialists with whom J&W has established professional relationships over the years