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Aspiring to remain leaders in our specialist fields

Jones & Wagener is a specialist firm of consulting engineers and scientists based in South Africa. We design, develop and implement innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions that are environmentally supportive.

We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients by providing quality, value-adding products


Mine Closure Management

Post closure risk assessments, closure financial provisioning and mine closure planning

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Environmental Management

Environmental regulatory authorisations, approvals and licensing processes

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Waste Engineering

Planning, design and management of industrial, commercial and domestic waste facilities

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Construction Management

Permitting, Design & Construction Management

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Mine Rehabilitation Design

Rehabilitated landform designs for opencast mines and waste/discard dumps

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Pump Station and Pipeline Design

Bulk pumpstation and pipeline designs for all types of water transfer applications

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Engineering Hydrology

Storm-water management, water and salt balances and flood studies and risk assessments

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Tailings Engineering

Planning, design and management of gold, coal ash, kimberlite, platinum, chromite and other tailings facilities

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Structural Engineering

Reinforced concrete and structural steel design

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Mining Infrastructure

Innovative civil infrastructure solutions to support mining operations

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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical investigations for all types of infrastructures

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Environmental Sciences

Remediation of contaminated land, geohydrological investigations, waste classification and impact assessments

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