Goedehoop South IWULA

Anglo operations (pty) ltd

INTEGRATED WATER USE LICENCE APPLICATION FOR the mineral residue deposit expansion and briquetting plant project at goedehoop south colliery



Anglo Operations (Pty) Ltd’s Goedehoop South (GHS) Colliery is an existing colliery located in the Mpumalanga Highveld coal fields. The colliery is a strategic supplier of export coal to the Richard’s Bay Coal Terminal and currently produces thermal coal for export. GHS Colliery has an existing co-disposal facility for mainly coal residue. Anglo intends to expand their existing Mineral Residue Deposit (MRD) on two areas adjacent to the existing facility (to the north and to the south), and also to construct a Briquetting Plant for the briquetting of coal slimes. Anglo has appointed Jones & Wagener Engineering and Environmental Consultants (J&W) to undertake the Integrated Water Use Licence Application (IWULA) for all the new water uses associated with the construction and operation of the MRD expansion and Briquetting Plant project at Goedehoop South Colliery.


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