Vision & Mission


  • Jones & Wagener is a civil engineering and environmental consulting practice operating in a number of specialist fields, namely:
    ›• Structural engineering
    › Geotechnical engineering
    › Industrial waste and mining waste (tailings) management
    › Mining Infrastructure
    › Environmental engineering
    › Hydrological engineering
    › Environmental management
    › Environmental sciences


  • Jones & Wagener aspires to remain leaders in our specialist fields by providing practical,sustainable, integrated solutions to our valued clients through promoting personal technicaldevelopment in a fulfilling work environment


  • Jones & Wagener’s mission is to:
    ›• Maintain commitment to our clients as a key stakeholder in the company
    ›•• Provide an excellent service, as well as quality products, and add value to our clients
    ›• Remain a specialised company through continued employee development and industry involvement
    ›• Remain an Employer of choice and employ the highest calibre people who are at the forefront of their respective fields
    ›•• Provide a fulfilling work environment and encourage employee growth
    ›•• Run a profitable organisation
    ›•• Remain an employee owned company


  • The Values of Jones & Wagener are:
    ›•• Integrity
    ›•• Professionalism
    ›•• Taking responsibility
    ›•• Sharing expertise
    ›•• Embrace diversity
    ›•• Ingenuity and creativity
    ›•• Inclusivity
    ›••• Fairness